Q: I have a new networked printer. How do I get an IP address assigned to it?
A: Please complete the Network Address Request Form from Network Services to get an IP address. Please leave your printer set to configure its network interface using DHCP. Once the printer has been registered, it will automatically be assigned the same IP address every time it connects to the network.

Q: Can I use a wireless (WiFi/AirPort) printer on the 4J network?
A: Printers with WiFi cannot be configured to connect directly to the 4J wireless network. However, if you connect the printer via Ethernet, you will be able to print to it regardless of whether your computer is using Ethernet or wireless.

Q: My computer won't stay connected to 4jwireless. It's constantly asking me to re-authenticate.
A: The 4J wireless login uses a popup window that keeps you logged in. Here are few things to check:
  • If you don't see a popup window after logging in, your web browser (Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer) may be blocking them.
  • If you do see a popup window, make sure you leave it open (you can minimize or hide it, just don't close it.)
  • Make sure your computer has Java installed. It is pre-installed on Macs, but may not be on a new Windows or Linux system.
  • Your computer will be logged off of the network any time it goes to sleep or is restarted. You may need to adjust its power management settings if you find it is logging off too quickly.

Q: I'm having trouble printing on the wireless.
A: You must first log into the wireless to use a network printer, even if you are using a printer in the same room. Please open a web browser and sign into the orange Aruba screen before trying to print.

Q: I want to use my iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad on the wireless and check my 4J email account.
A: Please visit the Zimbra Mobile Devices page from CIS. They provide a configuration file that will set up your device to access the 4J wireless network, check your Zimbra email account, and sync your contacts and calendars from Zimbra.

Q: How do I back up my files to the server?
A: We all know we should do it but we often don't. Here are instructions for backing up to the Files1 Server.