Q: What should I do if a projector bulb pops or explodes?

A: [From Misty] Recently I have become aware of a few problems with our Epson 83c and 83c+ projectors. The biggest problem being experienced is bulbs exploding/imploding within the machine. When this happens it is not just a matter of changing the bulb and moving on. Epson recommends that if the projector is out of warranty it should be professionally cleaned due to the very fine particles of glass within the projector. If the projector is still in warranty, Epson will replace the machine. One of the issues is that even replacing the bulb after this has happened does not fix the problem.

I have been working with our Epson supplier, CompView, our local Epson rep and an Epson field engineer as they try to figure out exactly what is happening. For now if you experience any kind of problem with your projector please contact me so that I can add this to our list for the field engineer to take a look at. In the future our local Epson rep asks that we contact him or our supplier (CompView) directly rather than going through the Epson company directly. I have included their information below. We do purchase our projectors through OETC, but CompView supplies these. Please email Misty Forsman if you have any questions.

Bob Friedler
CompView, Education Program Manager

Rob Murphy
Epson, Commercial Account Manager