Troubleshooting MAC OS issues

With the new puppet server setup this year, I have been having to interact with MACs more frequently.

Problems with Booting

  1. Enter into Single user mode (Ctrl-S)
  • If you want to make modifications to files:
/sbin/fsck -fy
/sbin/mount -uw
  1. Watch the logs as the windowing environment starts
  • If you wish to boot the system, but stay in single user mode:
sh /etc/rc

Problems with Puppet

  1. Check installed applications against puppet config list
  • sudo whomai
    echo "Total:";sudo grep source /private/var/puppet/state/localconfig.yaml |wc -l 
    echo "Installed:";sudo ls -alh /private/var/db/.puppet_pkgdmg_installed_* 2>/dev/null| wc -l 
  1. List DMGs to be installed
  • echo "Apps";sudo grep source /private/var/puppet/state/localconfig.yaml | sed -e 's/.*source.*dmgs\///;'

Applications that I would like on the next dish image

  • repair your disk
  • repair permissions
  • validate the system's preference files
  • get rid of possibly corrupted cache files.